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Subject: [DNA] Newbie Referrals--DNA 101
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 23:00:39 -0500
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I think that some of the supporting websites mentioned in the past few hours are terrific. I have bookmarked them for future exploration.

However, I think that David has an excellent point and is on the money on this one.

A newbie is looking for simplicity and not a comprehensive list of the whole field with too much unintelligible explanation.

Too often, we start out with a simple idea and enhance it with window dressing until the newbie is as confounded with the explanation as with the ignorance he/she started with.

The testing companies tend to have good explanations, but with one exception, IMHO, they too miss the mark. The exception is DNAHeritage who has the best, clearest, uncluttered and well-illustrated explanations. Alistar has done a superb job.

So the wheel need not be reinvented. A welcome letter on subscription to this list could refer a newbie to the DNAHeritage (and to the FTDNA websites for balance) for a beginners DNA 101 introduction.

For any purist out there who feels that one cannot refer to commercial sites or be "commercial" take a look at the bottom of each and every rootsweb list message including this one. What do you see? And advert for Ancestry, MSN, or some other fully commercial interest of Ancestry? Sure you do. So this should not be an objection.

Walter Freeman

David Faux wrote:

> Roy:
> I am standing my ground here - I cannot do this for all newbies - there needs to be a page appended to the welcome letter giving them the essential information. At one time I even offered to make up such a list of resources but was, shall we say, discouraged by a cadre of p-n-d-j-s. Apparently this "issue" has become somewhat political - for reasons that elude me - so pressure will have to come from those who believe they might benefit from my second or this the third round at this - give me credit for being a bulldog. I try to put myself in the shoes of someone both new to the List, and new to molecular many have become discouraged simply for the lack of a simple starting point - the big picture - the broad overview - so they can then know how the matters that presently concern them tie into the grander scheme...............................
> David.

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