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From: Robert Paine <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Excellent article
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 14:21:52 -0800
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The page is not down. The posted url wraps to the next line and the link
is lost, type in m=bede at the end of url and it will work.

This article may offer some insight, but I have listed a couple of
things to keep in mind while reading it.

I have not yet studied the entire article. I did note that the author
lists as sources (Bede, Gildas, genealogies and Gododdin).

Bede was 7th century monk, most historians consider him reliable.

Gildas was 9th century monk, many historians consider him unreliable,
political / religious ??

Gododdin, I don't remember him.

Genealogies, I would guess this reference refers to the 10th century
Saxon Chronicles, ordered written by Alfred the Great (King of the
Saxons). Considered basically reliable.

Point 1

Bede also mentions a yellow plague that allegedly struck down the native
Britons but had little impact on the Germanic Saxons??? (assumed to be
some type of jaundice, hepatitis / yellow fever / ???) If true what was
the death % ?

Point 2
Most people treat the different groups of Germanic invaders / colonist
as a single group (Anglo-Saxon) and as a single time frame. These
incursions occurred over a period of centuries and involved many
different tribal groups and allies.

Saxons came from Cimbric peninsula in modern Holstein
Angles came from Angulus, modern Schleswig
Jutes came from north of the Angles in Danish Jutland or in Holstein

Homelands are unsure for the following:

Point 3
We face a similar situation when we speak of Vikings, they were from
multiple groups.

Point 4
The word Norman is a generic term meaning from the north, Viking descent.

I expect my Dna to trace back to the Baltic region.
R Paine

Shane wrote:

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