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From: Doug McDonald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Another English "Q"
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 07:03:25 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <>

--- David Faux <> wrote:
> Very interesting. From out of nowhere we are now
> seeing Q, which has been misidentified as R1b in the
> literature. Q is found in different locations in
> Norway - more in the north. It is found in Iceland,
> Shetland, and Orkney also - at about 4%. It is
> possibly a more classic Viking signature than R1a in
> Britain - but exceedingly rare outside the Northern
> Isles.........or has been misidentified in virtually
> all publications, or not looked for. Jim Wilson and
> I will be specifically searching for Q in all the
> countries in Europe that have made a genetic
> contribution to Britain. Who knows what is going to
> turn up.

Q is obviously, therefore, pan-Arctic. If you look
on a globe rather than a flat map this is not
surprising. The pre-Columbian Norse bozos on
soc.history.medieval are going to get all hot and
bothered when they find this out.

Did these northern Europe Q's come from Siberia
or America? Perhaps the STRs will tell.

Are there published reports on Q in Scandinavia and
northern Scotland? If not, can you fill us in?

Doug McDonald

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