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Subject: RE: [DNA] Another English "Q"
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 13:20:00 -0500
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My step-brother's first 12 markers are back as last night and he also is Q
so our standard for our Baileys from Elmhurst, NY and Keyport, NJ are now
official.....Will add him to YSEARCH when all the 37 markers are in place.

Now to find Bailey cousins from Elmhurst on Long Island and order a SNP


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Another English "Q"

Very interesting. From out of nowhere we are now seeing Q, which has been
misidentified as R1b in the literature. Q is found in different locations
in Norway - more in the north. It is found in Iceland, Shetland, and Orkney
also - at about 4%. It is possibly a more classic Viking signature than R1a
in Britain - but exceedingly rare outside the Northern Isles.........or has
been misidentified in virtually all publications, or not looked for. Jim
Wilson and I will be specifically searching for Q in all the countries in
Europe that have made a genetic contribution to Britain. Who knows what is
going to turn up.


Robert Paine <> wrote:
A couple of months ago I posted that I expected my test results to
probably show (Norman, Viking, or Saxon). Wrong, I got my 12 marker
results today, batch 83, other results still pending.

FTDNA says "Q".
393 13
390 23
19* 13
391 10
385a 13
385b 20
426 12
388 12
439 11
389-1 12
392 14
389-2 28

At least the numbers match others in lineage 3 of the Payne project.
Rules out non paternity after 1629 Norfolk England.

Now I need to order the SNP test, hope to learn which "Q".

Has anyone done any work on Haplogroups amongst the Huns?


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