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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Irish are not celts, say experts (fwd)
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:31:43 -0600
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I beg to differ with you David. I think a 14, 23, 14, 15 haplotype at DYS
19, 390, 385a,b (with DYS 455 to establish I1a, and DYS 462 as frosting on
the cake) will in the end prove Norwegian/Swedish origins more strongly then
any other signature.
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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Irish are not celts, say experts (fwd)

> Mr. Viking:
> I am unclear as to why you grace us with your presence. You do not appear
to believe that DNA testing has any merit, yet insist you know that you are
a Viking (without being from Scandanavia or knowning your British
haplogroup - where only haplogroup R1a or Q can prove Viking heritage) and
continue to expound your entrenched views on Celts etc. - which discussions
should only occur on this busy List if linked in some way to genetic
evidence. Also may I remind you about netiquette - bold lettering extending
beyond a single word is considered "shouting" and is not appropriate for a
venue such as this. Why not tone it down, join the DNA revolution, then
engage in a meaningful dialogue about the subject.
> David (whose grandfather Williamson was R1a from the Shetland Islands).
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