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Subject: Re: [DNA] Viking haplogroup
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 20:21:48 +0000


The evidence for Q and its relationship to Viking - era migrations comes largely from private databses, and obviously misclassified samples as seen in Helgason's Icelandic paper of 2000 which was termed "Branch A" and lumped into R1b (Hg1). The first definitive statement about R1a being "the" Norse Viking haplogroup (in the sense that R1b or I could be Danish Viking, Anglo - Saxon, or other) in Britain was, to the best of my knowledge, given by my colleague and business partner Jim Wilson in his 2001 PNAS paper.

We are now actively exploring the apparent link between the appearance of Q, K, and G2 in Sweden, Norway, as well as "the colonies" of Orkney, Shetland, Faroe, and Iceland as Viking "invader" (or colonizer) DNA footprints. The full results from our mega study will not be available for at least 3 years (but will include 37 marker haplotypes, SNP testing using all known markers, and surnames and grandfathers place of birth). By the way we will be doing the same thing with mtDNA.

Preliminary indications are that Q is a strong indicator of Viking ancestry if, for example, found in a person whose ancestors's have been in Britain since at least Medievel times. I must add a caveat, however. It is possible that some of the Q or other haplogroups noted above may have arrived with Roman mercinaries (e.g., the Scythian Alans stationed along Hadrian's Wall). However, if Q is found in Shetland or Orkney etc., in someone with an aboriginal surname, then, considering the settlement history of those areas, there can be little doubt that the haplotype originated in Norway, and probably in Viking times (although there was movement of population between Norway and her colonies until the time of the Scottish take over in 1468).

Hope I answered your question.


Dr. David K. Faux
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> David,
> Clarification please: Below you mention that only R1a is "the only
> incontrovertible Viking signature". In an earlier message today, you
> stated, "only haplogroup R1a or Q can prove Viking heritage".
> Is there no strong evidence of Q being a Viking signature, or in your
> second statement are you stating that R1a is the exact same as the Q
> haplogroup?
> Jim

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