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From: "Whit Athey" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Is there a Simple Answer..R1b Question
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 19:59:09 -0500
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Ken brought up the question of exactly how the Haplogroup Predictor works.
If you scroll to the bottom of the page with the instructions (usually the
first page to come up), you will see a link to the technical details.

A few people lately have used the term "probability" to refer to the numbers
that are reported by the Haplogroup Predictor. These numbers are not the
probability that a haplotype belongs to a particular haplogroup. They are
better described as "goodness of fit" scores. They provide information on
how well a given haplotype fits into a particular haplogroup, based on the
allele frequencies for that haplogroup.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Is there a Simple Answer..R1b Question

You may want to ask Whit for a verbal description of how his predictor
works; but my understanding is that he uses the frequency of occurence of
each marker's repeat value and obtains a score and sums them up in some


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