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From: "Daniel Jenkins" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R* haplogroup
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 06:41:27 -0500
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Joe , Ken, and others,

Joe did a look at chart on Capelli site and noted that I match at the six
markers with several others at wide spread area of British Isles including
Shetland , Channel Isles, Norfolk, and some I can't identify as I only saw
chart and no descriptive. The other places are NG/D, CH/p, and PNT, BRK.
Maybe you can identify them. What is the basis for Capelli using the
specific 6 DYS markers. I noted various tests as the Russian used a
different set. Thanks for the Hazel info. , will check. As a note I checked
on my results regarding my haemochromotosis. I am Heterozygous for the H63D
mutation in the HFE gene. I did 2 years of phlebotomies [ about 20] but in
the past year have remained in normal range 26-83 but it is growing slowly.
In 2001 Iwas at 660. The Doctor states that I am only a carrier. The point
is that it is a known Celtic and white Europpean disease. Curiously many in
the Basque population, have this same polymorphism and they are, I
understand, R1b . The H63D mutation is due to a C-G transversion at
nucleotide position 187 and is considered a polymorphism rather tha a
mutation. Does this shed any light on my possible haplogroup and has the
general date been found for this change. It must be quite ancient as the
disease is a result of the body not needing to store iron in case of
prolonged period of starvation.

Dan Jenkins

>Subject: Re: [DNA] R* haplogroup
>Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 12:36:47 EST
>Dan. We have one Rla participant in our Hazel (Hazell, Hazle) project.
>12-marker haplotype is similar, not related, but similar, to yours. If you
>want to look at it, he is in Ysearch under Hazel Surname and MUV57. His
>haplotype in the Weale et al. paper is number 120, and they only identified
>haplotype in Friesland. I have tentatively concluded that this fellow's
>lies with the Frisians or Jutes. He is a Canadian. His people know that
>their ancestor came to Canada from England, but they know not from where.
>you might be interested.
> I posted the Capelli URL.
> Regards, Joe Hazel
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