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From: Jim & Marie Wilcox <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re ; DNA Print test
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:02:48
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At 10:13 AM 3/10/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Marie wrote:
>"My results showed:
>Now, with this, the small percentages of EA and IE would be elimated as
>{{{No. Your EA and AF percentages "COULD" be statistical noise, but
>they also "COULD" arise from real minority ancestry. The values are
>simply too small to tell whether or not they're noise.}}}
>Just about everyone here is a "paper trail" genealogist. The fact that
>you can document your mixed ancestry neither confirms nor refutes the
>results shown on your BGA test. All we can really say from your test
>results is that you're definitely majority IE and probably look like a
>typical White European.
>Ray Whritenour

Hi Ray,

You are right but I have also read that these small percentages are
generally treated as noise.
I was just throwing my two cents into the arena that these numbers are an
actual indicators of my adimixture.
And, of course, I would show strongest percentages in my mother's Mtdna,
being the female child.

Also, I do not look like a typical White European. In fact, I have been
queried by others as to my "nationally" most of my life being sited as
either Hispanic, NA or East Indian. Only two of us four children of my
parents are what you call typical White European while the other two
definitely create inquiries.

I was born with black hair (now greyed), freckled complexion that turns
dusky in summer, green almond-shaped eyes. I have been described as "exotic
looking". I have never been quite sure what that meant until this
genealogical research was done. I am barely 5' tall where one brother is
6'4". None of us siblings remotely resemble each other. The other ones are
6'1" and 5'7". All different eye colors, hair colors and skin tones are
represented in us.
One brother is almost the spitting of our Dutch born grandfather (very fair
skinned, eyed and so forth), another is a male version of our mother; I
have been told I resemble our paternal grandmother from South America, the
list goes on.

By the way, we were raised in California where virtually the world's ethnic
cultures can been seen and I was surprised by the interest in my ethnicity
that I got. Hence, the curiosity to investigate.


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