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Subject: Re: Re: [DNA] Halotype Analysis
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:01:51 -0500
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I really appreciate the information on the Normans, thanks. I think my Q
Haplotype surprised the researchers for some reason. The said it was rare.
They, ( without my asking ) wanted to test for the M3 marker. I have always
been fascinated with Native Americans and thought "sure why not". I told
them that my ancestry was pretty well documented in Quaker records and I had
it back to the 1500s in/near Cheshire England. That is when they doubted
the M3, but still they chose to pursue it for interests sake. They did not
charge me any more for doing so. I was hoping that someone was not
adopted... <GRIN> Many Pearsons in the US are actually Swedish. I hope that
I can be of help to those that are R and have an interest.

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> From what I gather Ken, Steve already has data suggesting he is Q
> (probably haplotype testing from FTDNA which Steve can confirm). Why
> would he need DNA Heritage to do a 43 marker test?
> I don't understand what would possess Trace Genetics to do an M3 (Native
> American Q3) test in someone whose ancestors hail from Cheshire (unless of
> course they were requested to do so). Steve would possibly profit from
> P36, M242, M45 and other SNPs to give info on the "type of Q".
> By the way Steve, the Norse Vikings settled the Cheshire area. The
> Normans were largely from what is today Denmark and while Q runs at 4% in
> Norway I don't recall seeing a Danish Q - although there has to be a stray
> or two out there. Do you have close matches from Shetland, Iceland, or
> Norway?
> David F.
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>> You are in an unusual situation --- SNP tests but no haplotype! Yes, a
>> good
>> fraction of the Normans were just a few generations from their Viking
>> ancestors who took over the area of France --- Normandy. There were
>> Vikings directly from Scandinavia and Vikings who had already settled in
>> Britain before moving on to Normandy. I am sure you will hear from some
>> other folks on this list with an interest in Q. All things considered,
>> number of interesting markers, price, speed of response .... I'd do the
>> DNA
>> Heritage 43 marker test.
>> Ken
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>> > Hi Ken,
>> >
>> > I have to say that Trace Genetics was not able to identify a haplotype
>> > for
>> my Q. I am pretty sure they did not, but tomorrow I will take another
>> look
>> at it to confirm. They were able to show that I did not have the M3
>> mutation
>> which would have made it specifically American Indian. They said the Q
>> was
>> pretty rare in Europe and more prominent (sp?) in Eurasia and
>> Scandinavia.
>> For me, this helped to confirm that my Pearson ancestry which traces back
>> through Quaker Ancestry to Cheshire England, was orignally likely Norse.
>> If
>> I understand correct, weren't the Normans from one of the Scandinavian
>> countries? I know so little and would like to learn more. Who would you
>> recommend to test the haplotype?
>> > >
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