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Subject: RE: [DNA] in light of Red Lake
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:42:00 -0600
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Put off is good..When any test is not empirical and you can't
repeat the test time after time with the same results...
the something is wrong. Here we deal in scientific, repeatable,
DNA tests with empirical results.

When DNA print meets these two critical requirements, then they will have
meet the scientific test criteria.

Anything else is not acceptable...and the newbies need to know
this !!

Enuf said.


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Subject: RE: [DNA] in light of Red Lake

Bill writes,
<Most of old timers here from last spring when we hashed this out
completely agree with you; but, the truth is that folks keep on buying
this test.
Somehow, I believe we have failed the newbies and others caught in this

No Bill, take a look at the DNAPrint log and you will find how few tests
are being bought, partly because potential testees gain their
information from this List.

You may congratulate yourself; but how many people who could have
discovered something incredible have been put off by your comments and
now live in ignorance?

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