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Subject: Re: [DNA] Jewish/non-Jewish surname and Y-DNA results
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 11:51:41 EDT

Hi All,
This is a very clear and well-reasoned explanation with which I agree
100%! For those who believe they MAY perhaps have Jewish ancestors, I advise
reading up on the religious practices of secret Jews on the several crypto-Jewish
and Sephardic Jewish websites.
Also, it is useful to examine marital patterns and naming patterns in your
genealogy. A pattern of cousin to cousin marriage and heavy use of
Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek given names MAY indicate Jewish ancestry. (The Greek given names are
due to the heavy Hellenization of Jews post Alexander and continuing though the
Roman and early Christian eras. During this time many Judaic manuscripts were
actually written in Greek).
All the best, Beth

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