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Subject: Re: [DNA] Jewish/non-Jewish surname and Y-DNA results
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 21:52:13 EDT

In a message dated 4/12/2005 5:15:52 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,

the line
of 'logic' is annoying and offensive.

It would be if that were my line of logic -- unfortunately, you are
inferring something that wasn't there. So I will explain it in simpler terms.

When you are a European American, you probably expect and are not surprised
by Scandinavian, English or Lithuanian ancestry.

By the way, Glen My father's half of my heritage is Swedish-American
immigrants c. 1880-1910, and my mother's half is all lines in Virginia in the 1600s
and I assuredly find them interesting, or I wouldn't bother with genealogy.

However, I would hardly be surprised by I1a, R1a, R1b, mitogroup H. I would
be intrigued if I turned up with the mitogroup associated with the Saami or
a Native American matrilineal line or an African American lineage. Just as a
Black friend of mine was surprised by his I haplogroup, which he found

I certainly didn't say one word about a "need to 'discover' possible
connections' -- that is purely the product of your own imagination. If I uncovered
a paper trail suggestion that my great great grandmother was murdered, which
I have actually, I would certainly investigate the story -- even if it turned
out not to be FACT. I think you would too.

Perhaps you might spend less time assuming what other people mean and being
hyper-alert for what you term "politically correct" (which I consider THE most
meaningless term of this century and the one just past) and MORE time
LISTENING and THINKING about what someone actually said. You might spend less time
being offended and annoyed, as well as less time being annoying and


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