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You last statement is most profound and I heartily agree.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Editing help....STRS VS SNPS....Closing the TIME GAP

Bill wrote:
> Let us also hypothesize that my Lowe are I1a4b2c3d2e (which is a fictiouus
> 5th or 6th level sub-clade based on a senior imaginative moment).

This is where you run into the brick wall of technology. At the
present rate of SNP discovery, it would take hundreds of thousands of
years to reach the hypothesized level of specificity. The haplogroup
tree is like the Tower of Hanoi, where the number of steps required
goes up exponentially with the number of levels. Even if you could
achieve a series of breakthroughs that raised the rate of discovery a
hundred-fold, you would still need thousands of years to get where
you want to be. And that presumes there would be investigators
interested in finding and identifying all these SNPs.

What this hobby needs is a good 5-cent genome.

John Chandler

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