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Subject: Re: [DNA] yDNA, dys464, infertility in males
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 20:49:20 +0100
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see for the original
paper which was published in April.
To date we have had only one case of totally absent DYS464 reported on this

The results we have been discussing recently for DYS464 are where there is
ambiguity in the number of copies detected, but there are correlated
patterns in the nearby markers DYS459 and CDY which suggest something more
than just normal independent stepwise mutations. From the results as
published we don't know whether all or any of these cases involve deletions
or whether any deletions would necessarily imply a loss of fertility. There
is a lot of redundancy in this area of the Y chromosome and in many cases 2
copies of the relevant genes may work just as well as 4.

For those listers following the discussion the following 2 papers may be of

In the diagrams in these papers and the others they reference which use
similar structure diagrams, there is a standard colour-coding for repeated
sections of DNA. DYS464 is in the red sections and DYS459 and CDY are in the
yellow sections. The marker P25 which defines R1b is in the green sections.


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Subject: [DNA] yDNA, dys464, infertility in males

> New Scientist magazine 5/7- 5/13 2005 has results from a study done by a
> group from Leicester University, UK. They found that the study results
> suggest 1 in a 1000 men DO NOT have anything (its missing) at dys 464.
> have connected this to infertility in men.
> They (the study researchers) feel that companies doing genetic testing
> should warn males of the possible outcome when ordering their test kit.
> 464 IS connected to infertility.

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