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Subject: RE: [DNA] Non-paternity - posting Lineages instead of individuals
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 17:42:36 -0400
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Jim, my logic started from the fact that we have 66 men in one Lineage and
half of them had no mutations at RG26. (the average markers tested is now
33.6 for those 66) If you match us pretty close, we're glad to look at the
details and see if you have any really close matches. Or - all of our
results are posted at our website, so anyone can check for themself.

I don't even compare my own men within a major haplogroup to each other, but
always compare them to the Lineage haplotype - and then see if they have
matching mutations. I guess it came with our heritage of starting with
batches, back when BYU did our first batch of 52 men and then RG did our
second batch with 42 men - which meant that we always had Lineages. Our

Lineage I - 66 men, 28 mutations (a number of these are shared)
Lineage II - 12 men, 5 mutations
Lineage III - 8 men, 3 mutations
Lineage IV - 2 men, 0 mutations
Lineage V - 4 men, 3 mutations
Lineage VI - 2 men, 0 mutations
Lineage VII - 3 men, 0 mutations
Lineage VIII - 4 men, 0 mutations
Lineage IX - 3 men, 1 mutation
Lineage X - 2 men, 0 mutations
Lineage XI - 4 men, 0 mutations
Lineage XII - 4 men, 3 mutations
Lineage XIII - 2 men, 2 mutations

I don't stop the others from posting their results - I just don't do them as
a part of the project.


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Subject: RE: [DNA] Non-paternity

I certainly hope that modern haplotypes ARE entered into the databases for
the reason suggested by the subject line. I don't match my 2nd or 3rd
cousins' haplotypes, so the NPE in my line was quite recent.

If only ancestral haplotypes were entered into the databases, I might find a
number of possibilities where I have 2 or 3 mismatches. I would like to
narrow down my search for my paternal line to those having closer matches to
my own haplotype. Of course it's possible that even the ancestral type is
close to mine, but I'd rather increase my chances of finding a close match.

Incidentally, I have found 3 close matches so far, the best being 35/37.
Unfortunately, his grandfather was the child of an unmarried woman and the
father is unknown as is his surname. The other two are members of two very
large surname projects, but neither of them have any close matches with
others in their projects. We may all four may be looking for the same, very
busy, traveling salesman. <grin>

So please keep those haplotypes coming. The more the better!

Jim Bullock

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