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From: (David Faux)
Subject: RE: [DNA] P25
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:37:44 +0000


I can't speak for the academic community in general, but Jim and I are both dyed in the wool genealogists with a desire to help others find their exact place on the phylogenetic chart.

Jim is out in Shetland now swabbing all the elderly residents of Fair Isle (his paternal ancestral home) for later Y, MtDNA and autosomal testing. Sound familiar? The sort of activity that most of us can relate to. However he is also a renowned geneticist who was the one who first coined "Atlantic Modal Halotype". I would venture to say that he is cut from a different cloth relative to many other academics - and we can all reap the benefits. He has done all the esoteric analyses we read about in the journal articles and has read thousands of electropherogram outputs.

It all started with our desire to create a microsatellite - based biogeographic test since he was one of the first to publish an article on this technology. The commercial application will take longer than anticipated so we decided to offer SNP testing while we do the lengthy R&D for the biogeo test. This was a direct response to the concerns expressed on this List over the months or years and the need for someone with the expertise necessary to step in and offer something beyond standard Y-STR, mtDNA control region, and SNP - based biogeo tests. I am very pleased to be in a position to assist the many people who I have met on this List (and hope to see in DC in November). I feel quite blessed, and whether the operation is a commercial success or not I know that along the way we can help a lot of my fellow genetic genealogists.

David F.

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> David...
> Looking forward to hearing more...all of us now realize that deep SNP
> testing
> will resolve our guesstimating with these doggone STR's....
> We need the 9 or 10 major haplogroups verified down to the sub-clade with
> 4th-6th
> level SNP testing. Then we can try to connect the dots between the recent
> genealogy typified by STRs and the deep ancestry with SNPs.
> With the exception of Jim and yourself and your vigorous pursuit of these
> SNP sub-clades, where is the rest of the academics community. It appears
> they
> are sitting back on their assets..
> Bill

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