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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] New SNP and Haplogroup tests
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 18:10:38 +0000


Point of clarification, DNAH uses Marligen (located in the USA) as their lab and we use the Genome Centre at the University of London (UK).

David F.

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> SNP tests are mostly good for population studies, however, if we can
> get SNP varieties tied to specific localities as Alastair advertises
> it, SNPs could also be useful to genealogy, especially those common
> surnames that occur over a wide region. The SNP test could give you a
> location to focus on. However, if SNP mutations and STR mutations are
> linked such that any given STR profile has a matching SNP profile, it
> could be redundant. Maybe Ken or someone could comment on that.
> One great effect this may have, if a large number of our existing
> members (list or surname groups), take this test, then the database to
> compare STR and SNP results, the database will be greatly expanded and
> more conclusive.
> On the not so bright side, the companies who have tried this to date do
> not seemed to have faired well. Even FTDNA has halted their mt-H test
> (verified by e-mail with them) until they can get a better handle on
> how to obtain more reliable results. So, will DNAH be able to pull
> this off. I for one one am cheering them on and appreciate this
> testing opportunity and they will have my money. It may overshadow
> Ethnoancestry's SNP test offers however since you get more SNP's from
> DNAH for fewer dollars. Same lab too, curious.
> It also suggests to me that if SMGF would release their SNP database
> and even better tie it to their STR database, since DNAH uses SMGF
> labs, Ken would have great stuff to tell all of us.
> Thanks for posting this, DNAH seems to have left their Project Admins
> off the list.
> My thoughts,
> John Carr

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