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Subject: Re: [DNA] Anglo-Saxon
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 11:44:37 +0200
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About 50% of the current male Dutch and Danish populations have R1b yDNA.
The AngloSaxon and Danish Vikings invaders into England probably had the
same %s. A 23/10 combination for DYS390/391 might well be a (Germanic)
23/11 that mutated into a 23/10.
Alan Foster.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Anglo-Saxon

> Diana wrote:
> > I thought Anglo-Saxons were the Dutch/Low-Germans who settled in England
> > prior
> > to the Norman Conquest. Wouldn't their DNA appear Germanic? Or do I
> > mis-understand the meaning of Anglo-Saxon?
> I see there has already been a lot of discussion of this. My 23/10 R1b
> haplotype is not close to the Irish/Celtic/WAMH varieties I've seen. I
> haven't seen anything too close, but we seem to be closer to the groups
> variously identified as North Sea-Baltic, Greater Frisian, or maybe the
> Alpine varieties of R1b. If the latter, maybe it was someone who came over
> with the Romans. But Anglo-Saxon is still my best guess. As I have said
> before, I have only two matches on YHRD, one from London and one from
> Leuven, Belgium.
> My ysearch number is ZV3N9 if anybody wants to give me a better estimate.
> Bill Hurst
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