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Subject: Re: haplogroup prediction
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:21:32 EDT

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> What web pages are you and others talking about? Perhaps there is a web
> world out there I have no access to, not being a project administrator? I
> went to the massive Hamilton project from FTDNA site and find no haplogroup
> column.

There are two places where a spreadsheet created by FTDNA may appear. One is
on the project administrator's page under "Generate Y-DNA Results for copy &
paste." The other is publicly accessible for projects that use FTDNA for a
host, e.g. my tiny Shreiner project (only four members, but very dear to my heart
as it established my orphaned great-grandfather's ancestry).

If a project's website URL doesn't begin with,
then the form of presentation will vary from site to site, at the discretion of
the project manager and website designer.

The project manager's page has a special message for AOL members, suggesting
they use another browser. I've never had trouble, but the message states "For
example, AOL may time out pages that require multiple calculations while
scanning our entire database, like for example our "Generate" page in the Group
Administrator's area."

That got me to wondering if the speed of calculation is factor in the change:
as the database grows it takes longer and longer to compare results against
the whole database. If it were just a matter of problems with red/green color
recognition, a text-based notation could be used, e.g. with a tilde ~R1b if the
haplogroup were predicted but not confirmed by SNP testing. Or perhaps FTDNA
is tightening up the way they present haplogroups as part of the Genographic
Project. I don't want to bother Max right now with questions -- they
undoubtedly have enough to cope with right now -- but maybe they'll mention something in
their next newsletter.

Ann Turner

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