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From: William L Harvey <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: haplogroup prediction (further observations, Q andR)
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:57:51 -0700
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Jim & Gary,

Gary - I am assuming you are the administrator for your Cannon Project
and that you are looking at the Group Administrator's Project table
created by : "Generate Y-DNA Results for copy & paste." This table has
Green coded Haplogroups for all SNP tested persons and Black coded
Haplogroups for FTDNA predicted testees. The dash is used in this table
to indicate that FTDNA does not have confidence enough to make a
Haplogroup call.

If your Cannon Project were to use FTDNA's public website the only
Haplogroups listed would be those derived through SNP testing. Instead,
you have created a separate "private" website of your own with a unique
URL for access and where you can massage the entries in a different format.

Jim - When we view the E3b project we are only privy to the FTDNA
"public website" table and consequently only see the SNP derived
Haplogroups - all others (both predicted and unknown) are shown as
dashes. I am of the belief that any administrator can create his own
"Generate Y-DNA Results for copy & paste." table which will show the
Green, Black and Dashed conditions.

This is how it works for my two Projects - one of which also has a
"private" URL listed within the FTDNA public website display.

Am I anywhere close on this explanation?


Gary & Ann Blakely wrote:
> This is strange, the E3b project does have all haplogroup predictions in
> black. In my Cannon project there are 4 E3b's; 1 green M35+ tested and 3 red
> E3b predicted only.
> Gary Blakely
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>>I have in my hand printouts from a project where I'm doing some
> consulting.
>>They were obtained on two different dates -- an older one that shows
> estimated
>>haplogroups in red, and a newer one that doesn't, so I thought something
> had
> The E3b Project chart has never shown any haplogroup in red or green; it's
> either a black "E3b" or a black dash. So I've been assuming all along that
> anybody showing E3b was SNP tested.
> At least now I understand why I get a dash for my HG in the E3b chart, yet
> I'm predicted to be E3b on my personal pages. Why would they use different
> prediction criteria at each location?
> Jim

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