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From: "John McEwan" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] R1b with DYS393 = 12
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 14:40:56 +1300
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Dear Gareth

These are good questions and I know what you are thinking.

Well actually R1bSTR23 appears "close" on the cluster diagrams but it
only shares DYS390 =23 with STR22 and STR27 whereas STR22 and STR27 also
share DYS456=17.

In contrast STR23 shares with STR24: DYS390=23 DYS439= 11 and DYS458=15.

My answer is I do not know if STR23 is primarily S21+ or S21-, but the
odds may be slightly tipped to S21- However, I would like to see several
results for STR24 before making any pronouncements.

Hope this helps.

John McEwan

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how significant is the apparent proximity of STR23 to STR22 and STR27
5 of the 6 S21+ s are located? Or is STR23 definitely closer to STR24
has one S21- result to date?


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> I looked in the R1b clusters from my phase 3 analysis and found one
> where the majority was 393=12 R1bSTR23, however, 12s were also
> around in some other clusters but typically at very low frequency. On
> examination of R1bSTR23 a lot were Pittman's so may be just a family
> specific thing.
> Await the outcome of this work with interest
> John McEwan
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> David W. wrote:
> > I found 142 haplotypes out of 4017 taken from Ysearch about six
> ago
> > -- roughly four percent.
> >
> > I sent Nelda an excel file with those haplotypes in it, so she has a
> > pretty
> > good list of surnames to work with now.
> I'm thrilled people are finally paying a bit of attention to this
> question! My friend Tom is part of a cluster of R1b Wests with
> DYS393=12. They are British, but we don't really know where from.
> It would be nice to see what clusters if any can be differentiated
> them, and to have representatives tested for S21.
> David, could you send my your excel file?
> Bonnie

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