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Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 15:54:36 -0500
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Here is another chart from the living descendant's perspective looking
back at his/her Pedigree Chart which I enhanced a bit from the original
chart found on's webpage for a presentation on Genetic
Genealogy I gave several years ago. It shows where we get our various
types of DNA, i.e., Y-DNA, mtDNA, and atDNA.

For more details and a basic explanation, for beginners to Genetic
Genealogy, of the different types of DNA in our cells, see my
introductory report:

Charles Kerchner

Denise wrote:
> Does anyone know if testing a black male to determine if he was a descendant
> of a white slave owner in the late 1700s of any use. In other words, would
> European ancestry, in this case from Wales, show up in a present day black
> male if he were tested for Y-DNA?
> Thanks,
> Denise

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