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From: "Ron Lindsay" <>
Subject: Interpretation of DYS464 Marker Alleles - Lindsay DNA Project
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 09:05:52 -0800

Greetings List,

I need some help in my interpretation of the DYS464 marker alleles for the
Lindsay DNA Project.

I have three Lindsay participants that have DYS464 marker results, reported
by Relative Genetics, as follows.

L0009 L0012 L0064
DYS464a 11 11 11
DYS464b 11 11 11
DYS464c 14 14 11
DYS464d 15 15 11
DYS464e 14
DYS464f 15

If I make the assumption that we do not know the specific order that the
four or six alleles actually occur (a,b,c,d,e,f), then my conclusion is to
only look at the corresponding alleles.

Thus my initial thoughts are to consider that all three of these
participants have a perfect match on four (11,11,14,15) of the DYS464
alleles with participant L0064 having duplications of alleles of 11 at
DYS464a & DYS464b.

Or do I want to conclude that participants L0009 & L0012 have two mismatches
with L0064?

Thanks for any help that the List members can offer in the
interpretation/comparison of these data points.
Ron Lindsay
San Jose, CA

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