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From: Michael Maddi <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y-hap-R questions
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 13:07:10 -0800 (PST)
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I'd welcome any ideas about how someone with Sicilian
recent ancestry would be R1a. In the Sicily Project we
have one person who has been predicted by FTDNA to be
R1a (which seems likely from Whit Athey's predictor)
and another person who is unpredicted by FTDNA, but
who comes up with R1a for prediction (although weak)
by Whit's predictor. You can look at their haplotypes
at the Sicily Project website
( The kit
numbers are 46354 and 39685.

It's hard to see much genetic input for Sicily from
the areas mentioned below as reservoirs of R1a yDNA.
However, there was an interesting posting on Charles
Kerchner's yahoogroups e-mail list that might throw
some light on this. The poster reports that her
husband, of Assyrian descent, is R1a and provides a
link to an academic article
( which
points out the connection between Assyrians and other
Middle Eastern people today. I was thinking that that
may be one explanation for the presence of R1a in
Sicily, perhaps through Phoenician/Carthaginian

Any ideas about this?

Mike Maddi

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> Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 23:52:33 -0000
> From: <>
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] Y-hap-R questions
> Glen
> yes, Slavic and Scandinavian R1a appear to be
> distinct groups but there is
> no SNP to separate them. YCAii is one marker that
> suggests they have
> different histories (Scandinavian has 19,21. Slavic
> has 19,23)
> R2 is common in India and Pakistan (about 8% on
> average) but rare in
> Europeans.
> It has a distinctive 10/10/14 pattern at DYS391/2/3.
> Gareth

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