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Subject: Strategies for knocking down brick walls using DNA mutations
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:30:25 EST

Does anyone have information on strategies for knocking down genealogical
brick walls using Y-chromosome DNA testing. I am, of course, referring to
identifying the name of the next ancestor in a line, which has yet to be determined
by extensive paper analysis, with a certainty which normal genealogists
intuitively accept but may not realize, possibly 98 or 99%. I am not referring to
perfect 37 or more marker matches, which can only place that ancestor within a
broad range when a 98 or 99% certainty is imposed. The strategies I am
seeking would deal with mutations in known descendants of an old progenitor and the
appearance of these same mutations in others not known to be connected to the
progenitor. It appears to me that if a line is lucky enough to have several
mutations in the right places, the brick wall could be identified.

Bruce Baird

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