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From: "Dale E. Reddick" <>
Subject: Re: Not just Firefox search plugins Re: [DNA] New Firefox searchplugins to search the ySearch and DNA-Fingerprint databases in several differentways.
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 15:31:10 -0400
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Hey Glen,

Thunderbird works with my ISP's SMTP server. It is also fully configurable.

Thunderbird and Firebird communicate. Thunderbird also works with the
Mozilla browser. They are not isolated communications applications.
Mozilla is a full suite and the other two are configured to interact
with Mozilla and each other.


Glen Todd wrote:
>> Forget Microsquish's hacker attractant. Download and install Firefox
>> or Mozilla 1.7.13. Also, Thunderbird is a quite fine
> Do they have the COM APIs, or are they strictly sealed up stand-alones?
> Because mine are tied into my home automation system, I need access to the
> APIs. Also, does Thunderbird work as an SMTP interface?
> Glen
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