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Subject: RE: [DNA] irish(Goths) origins and myths
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If you take a quick look at Wielbark Culture (Willenberg Kultur)

You will see that the Goths of Sweden went to Poland where an amicable group
developed. Though the Goths still buried their dead in mounds and added
stelae as in Gotaland.

They wandered off to the Ukraine in the 3rd century.


:" Jordanes gave an account of Goth history in Oium, of which parts can be
corroborated by archaeology and of which other parts were the result of
blending the Goths with classic history and Greek mythology, putting the
Goths in the place of Scythians, Dacians and Thracians. This was probably
inspired by a need to give the Goths a more glorious past to compensate for
their barbaric and unremarkable Scandinavian origins."

"Jordanes (also Jordanis or even Iornandes, 'bold as a boar') was a 6th
century historian in Moesia (modern Bulgaria), who provides most of the
literary evidence concerning the early history of the Goths, by giving a
very criticized condensation of a lost history by Cassiodorus under the
title De origine actibusque Getarum (The origin and deeds of the Goths),
written about 551."


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That is precisely David Faux theory. I understand that he is testing his
theory on a sample collecting trip in Asia this summer. He reads the Uldin
the Hun of history as a potential match for a priest king of Uppsala named
Odin. The Yingling saga can be read as myth but so could the Odyssey and
Iliad. The saga describes the migration of Odin's people from Asia to
around the Caspian Sea, a brief engagement against the Romans and then north
to conquer Sweden and become the priest kings of Sweden at Uppsala. Our
study has found Swedes with the characteristic signature on the further
immigration route to Norway and there are some incomplete signatures found
in Azerbijan and Georgia.

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