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From: "John McEwan" <>
Subject: R1b SNP page updated
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 23:46:03 +1200

Dear all

The R1b SNP page has been updated see

I have not updated other parts of the site see

and even the page tabulating SNP results is a little rough.

1) There are 36 new or updated entries
2) We now have 51 M222 test results and 14 of those are positive.
I have yet to dig amongst the positive ones, but there is now more STR
haplotype variety. However, all still fall within the North West Irish
variety based on haplotypes.
3) We have our first S25+ and it is a person from R1bSTR47Scots!!!
EA and David have worked miracles to get this SNP working let us hope
that is "a gem". Given the immense amount of posts about DYS463 nulls I
suspect it will be useful.
4) We have a Irish type III individual test and they are M222-
5) We have a new SNP P66 with 8 entries
6) We have now have 173 entries and of those 103 are either
derived for a SNP or have been tested for some of S21/SRY2627/S28/M222

As usual please check for errors and those whose Ysearch ID I do not
have in the table I would appreciate if it could be sent.


John McEwan

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