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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 20:23:38 -0500

Hello Alfred:

I have a question about Jewish. Isn't Jewish a religion and generally speaking Hebrew is the race ?

Norman B.


Alfred A. Aburto Jr. <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup IJ-S22


My paternal line is Basque. My maternal line is from Northern Mexico,
native Indian. My great-great-grandfather was from Puebla Mexico. Aburto
is a Basque surname. The surname originated in Basque Country, Spain and
my Basque friend Xabier jumps up and down saying I'm Basque and nothing
else! :-) My Y-DNA shows strong links with the Jewish peoples, but I'm
not Jewish nor was anyone in my family line as far as I can determine,
but, regardless, the Y-DNA evidence is accurate and true. I know there
was an Agurto (a varient of the surname Aburto) that was tried by the
Inquisition in Mexico, but he might of just been a heretic and not
Jewish, I don't know. Here is an interesting website I found regarding
Jews in Basque Country:

Overall, my Y-DNA shows close matches all over the Mediterranean Sea

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