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Subject: Washingtons - Gilpins
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Well, Hi cousin Paul...

2b. Edwin Gilpin

Edwin (also called Ewan) Gilpin, who married about 1512 to Margaret Layton,
daughter of Thomas Layton of Dalemain in county Cumberland. The Laytons
descended from Sir William de Laton of county Durham. Layton's five sons
were all great men of renown in learning and battle, three of them being
Knights of the Rhodes. Layton's wife was the daughter of Thomas Tunstall,
Lord of Thurland Castle in Lancashire. He being the grand son of Sir Richard
Tunstall who was the son of Sir Thomas Tunstall, man-at-arms at the Battle
of Agincourt in 1415. Dorothy's uncle, Sir Brian Tunstall, was killed in the
Battle of Flodden Field in 1513 against the Scots. His will is recorded 1
December 1529, in the Registry of Richmond.

Edwin and Margaret (Layton) Gilpin had ten children:


1c. William Gilpin - Born about 1513. Married about 1538 to Elizabeth
Washington. Buried 23 January 1577/1578.

#1c. William Gilpin

William Gilpin, who married Elizabeth Washington, the daughter of Thomas
Washington of Hall Head, County Westmoreland, and his wife Ann Duckett.
Washington was the great-grandson of Robert Washington, Lord of Milburne,
who has as one of his descendants, U.S. President George Washington.12
(Washington was originally spelled de Wesington,) Ann was the daughter of
Thomas Duckett and Elean or Harrington. She died in 1587. Gilpin was buried
at Kendal Parish on 23 January 1577. William and Elizabeth (Washington)
Gilpin had twelve children, the eldest son was George Gilpin who inherited
Kentmere Hall. He first collected the family history and forwarded a copy to
his Uncle at The Hague . The estate passed to his son William, who passed it
to his son George, a captain in King Charles I army (according to family
tradition). Upon the K ing's defeat, all those who sided with him in the
Civil War faced terrible political turmoil. To avoid the Kentmere estate
being seized by parliament, Capt. George Gilpin deeded the Hall to an in-law
named Philipson, then fled for his life at sea and never heard of again.
Order of the birth of their children is unknown


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Subject: Geo Washington -was [DNA] Thomas Jefferson DNA
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On Jun 2, 2006, at 7:48 PM, Ken Nordtvedt wrote:

>One wonders what brought the aristocrats/Anglicans of Virginia into the
>revolutionary cause? I think a number of them, Washington included, saw
>that British policy, including promises to the first-Americans, was to
>confine the colonials to the east side of the Appalachians, and they found
>this unacceptable.

Interesting question about the wealthy colonial planters loyalty to England.
I'm sure with something so significant that there were a lot of reasons
that grew over time. I'm related to both GW's father's and mother's lines,
so GW is a double cousin, 1st and 2nd, and 8 and 9 times removed,
respectively. So I've had a particular interest in him and read quite a bit
about his life. He was wealthy and politically connected, but not actually
an aristocrat. In fact, I think his realization, (after serving with
distinction under British leaders), that colonials would not ever be
considered for honors or actually perceived as truly English, was a major
factor in his ultimate sentiments. And obviously economics were a
consideration. I'm not sure he was ever a very good Anglican. A Deist, I
believe would better describe him. Actually, an issue he seemed to prefer
not discussing as he was not very religious.

Of the few aristocrats that were in the colonies, I'm not sure any of them
sided with the revolutionists. I may be wrong about this, but right now I
can't think of even one. Probably as soon as I press the send button, I'll
think of six famous Lords, Earls, or Dukes that Wintered at Valley Forge.
Getting old is such an irritant.

There is a descendant nephew of President Washington, still alive I think,
but getting quite old now, who carries the surname and could be Y-tested.
His name is John Augustine Washington. One of us should write him and see
if he might be willing to scrape for posterity.


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