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Subject: Re: [DNA] Thomas Jefferson DNA
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 07:30:39 -0500
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Something that seems to be overlooked is that Sally Hemmings was
Thomas Jefferson's wife's half-sister. While I tend to think a
younger Jefferson was the father of the Hemmimgs child with Jefferson
DNA, I would not find it very strange if TJ was the father.
Particularly if the two women looked alike. I believe Sally was no
more that a quarter African. Can someone confirm that?


Steven C. Perkins

On 6/7/06, Nelda Percival <> wrote:
> Hey Rebekah,
> I too have quite a few ancestors who at ages in their 60's father children,
> mostly the wives were in 30 - 40 range though. Not every old man with a
> younger wife was cockholed...David. And remember no birth control so.....
> babies into their 40s - 50s.... so lived some didn't, some were also
> probably downs syndrome too... but back to the subject i too think the line
> is the Presidents too...
> Wasn't his wife sickly... the considerate thing was a mistress, although a
> slave wouldn't be given the choise of mistress or not...In the south it
> wasn't talked about but wasn't really frowned upon either...
> Nelda
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Steven C. Perkins

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