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Subject: RE: [DNA] Partial Result
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 13:05:35 -0400
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Minor point...

Actually, it means he's R1b1c. He won't be R1b1c* unless he comes back negative
for the remaining downstream SNPs, including the new ones discovered by

In theory, no one can ever be certain they're * (root) anything because you
can't prove a negative. Or, I guess, at least until we start full-sequencing
the Y-chromosome, the asterisk can only mean: "negative for all downstream SNPs
currently known."

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> Mean so far you are a R1b1c* you need to wait on last 3 SNP
> to see if
> it is informational. I am in the same boat.
> Jack Allen wrote:
> >I also have some partial results of my SNP test. They have
> classified me as R1b1c as of now. Apparently I'm still waiting for
> >M150, M37 and P66. Here is what I have so far:
> >M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+ M126- M153- M18- M222- M65-
> M73- SRY2627-. Can someone provide some enlightenment as to
> what this means so far?
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