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From: Carol Botteron <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] ABO Blood Groups
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 12:18:57 -0400
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From: "Glen Todd" <>

>> Be that as it may, I insist on regarding my putative Type A
>> proclivity for
>> cereal grains as a license to drink more beer. :-)

>If it works, go for it. ;-) I'm more into mead these days, myself.
> Seriously, there's been some serious discussion on some other lists
> that I'm on concerning the subject of relating diet and ethnicity
> (including such points as Northern European lactose tolerance) but
> I doubt that it's anything like as simplistic as ABO blood type.
> (I'm AB+, just to confuse things a bit more.)

Cousin Glen (since we both have 1600s New England ancestry) --
If anything useful comes of that discussion, please post it.

If we're allowed to be simplistic, I'm sticking to an article
I read long ago that said that chocolate is good for women, for
hormonal reasons that I no longer remember.

Carol B.
(type O blood but not much of a meat eater)

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