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Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] [DNA] The Mystery of China's Celtic Mummies
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 20:52:49 -0500
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I am continuing to wonder at this perhaps deliberately vague reference:
The archaeologist's hypothesis has been confirmed by the latest genetic
analysis. The mummies are indeed of European descent.

Could this simply be a reference to the single mtDNA sample mentioned in
this lecture, which was found to be of haplogroup H?

mtDNA Hg H is plentiful in the Caucasus and even to some extent in Central
Asia, so finding it would not tell us much.

Or could the 'European descent' be a reference to yDNA haplogroup R1a, which
has been clearly identified in a 2000-year-old Mongolian necropolis?

Grave 70 in Table 2 is not only a clear R1a, it is an exact match for kit #
38109 in the Polish Project. :)

The only other haplogroup in the necropolis clearly discernible by Athey's
predictor is a Q in grave 92. Ysearch finds some Native American Q3
individuals only 1 step away from that one.

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