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Subject: Re: [DNA] African R1b (WAS: Spreadsheet of GDs for kits with 67marker results)
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:39:30 -0700
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Also Southern Angola/Namibia. If you look at the tables in the Wood article,
you will see that the strongest presence of M269 in her African study was
found among the Khoisan language group of SW Africa --well away from
Northern Cameroon, actually. But "strongest" here means 2.2 percent, or two
individuals out of a sample set of 90. M269 was only .4 percent among the
Niger-Congo and Afroasiatic language groups -- maybe two or three
individuals in each group (I didn't do the arithmetic, but the entire study
set was 1122).

Note also the faint presence another European haplogroup, I, in the tabular
data, as well as a few exemplars from other haplogroups that might be
European (G and K). All in all I think Charles may be correct that M269,
because present at such low levels, may reflect the presence of European
populations in Africa in the last few hundred years. I wouldn't put it all
on the Germans. The Portuguese (another group heavily represented in M269)
were a big presence, particularly in SW Africa.

On the other hand, P25 seems unquestionably to have prospered on site in
Cameroon after migrating to that area several millennia earlier. Wood found
P25+/M269- at high levels in Cameroon, with representation among four
discreet populations ranging from about 60-95 percent.

Excuse me if this duplicates recent comments by others. I haven't been
following every thread with equal attention.

David Wilson

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Spreadsheet of GDs for kits with 67 marker results

Regarding R1b in Cameroon, we need to remember that Cameroon was a colony of
Germany for a time. In addition to the German settlers, many German soldiers
were stationed there over the decades. I'm sure the soldiers were not
celibate when they were there. LOL :-) Just thought I'd point out a more
recent possible source for R1b in the Cameroon.

Charles Kerchner
Emmaus PA

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