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Subject: Re: [DNA] E3b and redheads
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 10:43:32 -0400
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Subject: [DNA] E3b and redheads

> Red-headed and blond
> Thracians were found in the Balkans at least since the 7th millenium B.C.
> (Webber, "The Thracians.") They were descended from the E3b*
> (undifferientieated M35) cluster, but the Balkan alpha cluster (M78 plus
> V13) appears to represent a distinct branch of E3b.

I think perhaps you should have prefaced your remarks on the Thracians with
"some of them may have been," as in "some of them [the Thracians] may have
been descended from the E3b* cluster."

E3b is not the majority y-haplogroup anywhere in the Balkans. Its biggest
Balkan presence is in Greece, but even there it is not a majority
y-haplogroup. Ancient Thrace today has more R, I, and J than it does E3b.

Some Thracian men may have been E3b. Maybe.


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