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From: "Dora Smith" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Celts descended from Spanish fishermen, study finds
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 09:11:32 -0500
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The Classical authors were describing "Celts" north of Italy and Greece, not
in Western France!

Where are you getting I came up with the stuff about the dark skinned Celts!

My point exactly is that the "Celts" were whoever lived in Celtic regions
when the actual "Celts" ruled them.

19th and 20th century ideas about Celts are based on the notion that the
"Celts" are the "indiginous" (too tired to spell or something) people of
western France and Spain and the British Isles!

Did you miss my three posts or so about how a small group of Scythian an
dCimmerian aristocrats galloped across Europe in horsedrawn chariots between
800 and 600 BC, took control of the peoples there through palace
revolutions, and formed the Celtic confederacy? The culture of the people
of central Europe was old and already sophisticated. It blended with
Scythian culture to develop into what we know as "Celtic".

I'll say this for the twelth time. The people of Western France and Spain
and the British Isles are called "Celtic" because of the recent historical
association of Celts with that area. That does not say that is the only
place where there were ever Celts! It sure doesn't say that the people of
that area correspond to "the Celts"!

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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> I don't know where you're getting this stuff about "dark-skinned" Celts.
> The
> classical authors who wrote about the Celts described them as tall and
> fair.
> Roman accounts of Boudicca described her as tall, with flaming red hair.
> There were similar descriptions of British Celts from Roman sources.
> I think you are conflating some vague impression you have of modern
> Spaniards, a population with sizeable proportions of E3b and J from North
> Africa and the Middle East, with the short R1b haplotypes used to draw
> probably unwarranted conclusions about an Iberian connection to Great
> Britain.
> The people who live in what are regarded in various ways as "Celtic" lands
> today are generally very fair with light-colored eyes. And that is how
> their
> ancestors were described by classical authors. No need to bring in the
> "Vikings" - themselves a mixed lot - to account for fair skin and light
> eyes.
> By the way, there is no real proof that R1b weathered the last Ice Age in
> Iberia and spread throughout Western Europe from there. R1b could just
> easily have spread to the West from some other refuge.
> Rich

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