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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Celts descended from Spanish fishermen, study finds
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 20:02:08 -0600
References: <a06110407c1387adc2f1f@[]><004d01c6dddc$4321a5a0$640fa8c0@Villandra2><><007401c6dde1$7b2b6760$640fa8c0@Villandra2><003901c6df1b$61e69410$6401a8c0@Richard><003001c6dfe3$5671b2e0$640fa8c0@Villandra2><000601c6dfec$3ba87710$6401a8c0@Richard><002301c6dfef$3f46f330$6400a8c0@Ken1><006001c6dff1$f39f65e0$6401a8c0@Richard><002a01c6e001$64eb5010$10139a8e@PeterAKincaid><000e01c6e017$c1334470$6401a8c0@Richard><008a01c6e044$193b1c20$8aa1bbd8@Jessie>

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From: "Wil Husted" <>

> There's a lot of new I1b1a over here in the States. I don't think that
> this
> has always been the case. I have a suspicion that there was a lot more of
> it
> in Iberia/southern France during the LGM. I also suspect that it may have
> been among the first folks to inhabit the British Isles after the LGM. I
> can't demonstrate it, though. Ken, where are you?

SMGF database does not have much I1b1a = old I1b2 (the Sardinian/Iberian

Throwing away the USA pedigrees, there are 11 Iberian or former Iberian
American colonies, 3 Italy, 1 German, 1 French, and 7 British Isles.

Those numbers would need to be converted to frequencies with SMGF's country
count list; that would put Iberia and Italy way ahead of British Isles.

But it squares with other databases which show it most robust in Iberia and
Italy, and especially Sardinia. Being in the western Mediterranean for the
populating of Sardinia, I1b1a was probably mixed in a little in whatever
migration north came out of Iberia to repopulate northwestern Europe.

If old I1b = I1b1 was founded in the Balkans, the Italian frequency suggests
I1b1a moved west south of the Alps instead of north of the Alps.

The north/south distribution of I1b1a in Italy would be interesting. One
might guess northern Italy would be higher, southern Italy being sort of a
cul de sac for land travel.

An interesting question is whether Sardinia got populated from Italy or from


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