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Subject: Re: [DNA] Celts descended from Spanish fishermen, study finds
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 00:46:20 -0300
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Subject: Re: [DNA] Celts descended from Spanish fishermen, study finds

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>> The native population was not wiped out by Americans.
> Yes they were, in percentage terms. Going from 100% to 1% is effectively
> a
> wipeout.

Well first of all the context I used this was outside of
North America. In your example the native population
are Americans. They were dominated by invading
English, Scots, Irish, Welsh, French, Spanish, Chinese,
Nigerians, etc., etc., etc.

>> People adopt
>> languages, fashions, and technology from all over. We are
>> not static people. We bring in new for its advantages or to
>> emulate a people who are seen as more advanced or powerful.
> Throughout history the general practice, I think, has just as often been
> the
> opposite. The elite may not *want* the oppressed majority to learn their
> language, except in a passive sense to accept commands. The elite often
> like to treat their language as a *badge* of their own elevated status.

Making it even more desirable by the majority. Language is
a lot cheaper than a Rolls Royce. ;-)


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