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Subject: Re: [DNA] Questions on Paternity tests
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 01:00:51 -0500
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Recently, I helped a relative of mine arrange for a father-daughter
paternity test. We went through for a very reasonable
price. The test results came back in a nice pdf document about a week after
the samples were mailed back to the company (from separate locations even).
Anyway, they also offer sibling and half-sibling testing and explain quite
well how it works on their web site

I wonder why the paternity testing is so much quicker than our genealogy
testing. I guess the processes are more complicated or less automated for
the Y-DNA and mtDNA genealogy testing.


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Subject: [DNA] Questions on Paternity tests

What type of test is used to determine the relationship between siblings if
both sets of parents are dead?

Trying to find out if two people are half brother - sister...??


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