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From: Rick Arnold <>
Subject: [DNA] good diagnostic markers in ftdna 38-67: DYS 481 in R1b1c
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 19:01:12 -0800 (PST)

DYS 481 is a good R1b1c7 marker. Overall, the R1b modal is 22, while the R1b1c7 modal is a tight 25, with a few 26s and 24s. Almost every R1b found with 25 or 26 is R1b1c7 - 36 of 38 in Ron Scott's database, if one allows for both SNP confirmed and non-SNP'd haplotype matched cases.

Interestingly, one of the two non-R1b1c7 25s is an R1b1c6. In fact there are two R1b1c6s in ysearch who have DYS 481 results listed, and both are above the R1b modal, the 25 just mentioned, and a 23.

Within the 30 R1b cases of 481=24, there seems to be an abundance of English, Scots and Irish results (seemingly more than the British Isles bias of the database would be expected to produce). But, these do not make a very convincing cluster, with GDs in the 20ish range over 67 markers. Perhaps there is a pattern within a subset of these cases, but I can't identify it.

Would be interested to read comments on this marker or similar observations concerning others of the newly available markers.

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