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Subject: Re: [DNA] Is there such thing as Jewish DNA?
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 01:32:10 EST

I am a Johnny-come-lately to Jewish research, but in the last couple of
years I have been trying to learn more about my Jewish Goldsholl line.
Establishing a paper trail back to my Jewish ancestors in Ukraine and Belarus has been
much more difficult than researching my English ancestors in Shropshire, as
I realized very quickly when I started looking for information about my
Jewish family. I did find the names of over 20 of my cousins who were murdered in
their villages during the Holocaust, plus some others who died previously in
a pogrom, but that is all comparatively recent information.

Two of my newfound Goldsholl cousins did Y-DNA testing at my request. They
are both J2 and at 25 markers their 24/25 matches in the FTDNA database are
with a Rosen, a Levy, a Hersov, an Adler, and with each other. I believe
these are all considered "Jewish" surnames. Note that I am not qualified to get
into a debate about what is Jewish. I asked a Jewish cousin about it but I
am still unclear on the concept, not having been raised as a Jew. Mostly I go
by the Y-DNA.

In ySearch the Goldsholl entry is QZVSC. Note that one of my Goldsholl
cousins (only one gave permission to enter his results) has an "extra" value at

Interestingly, there is also a Coblentz who matches 23/25 with the Goldsholl
in ySearch. Coblentz gives his origin as France. Either this is western
J2, as opposed to eastern J2, or else this is one more thing I do not

Again, I do not know enough about all this to enter into debate, but perhaps
others will find it interesting.

Eleanor Gordon
with cousins in the Everall, Renshaw, Ford, and Goldsholl projects

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