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From: "Alister John Marsh" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Results waiting period.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:31:02 +1300
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I have a generally tolerant view to waiting time for results, even if I
really "want" the results the day before I submit the sample for testing.

DNA testing is complicated by many factors, eg the subject providing a bad
sample, or the sample being degraded in transit or storage, or a faulty
batch of primers, or a failure in the test process. Testing technology is
relatively new, and the test companies clearly meet unexpected difficulties
from time to time.

A factor which may apply, is that it may be more economical for test
companies to run tests in batches. If everybody's test was run in a batch
of one, the results might be quicker, but the testing costs would probably
considerably increase. What we need as DNA genealogists, is to get the most
people test possible. Having few people to compare DNA with, would make our
DNA results effectively useless. If we give the test companies a bit of
slack, and tolerate a few delays to allow them to accumulate economic
batches to test, ultimately this keeps the price of testing down. This
benefits us all in the long run, by enabling more people to be tested.

Perhaps the test companies could offer two price options. One price to have
the tests done in batches, which might be started at intervals of several
weeks, or several months for rare tests. Another alternative price, might
be to have the results within 48 hours, at perhaps triple the price of
testing in batches. Perhaps that way everybody could be happy. That way
those complaining about delays would not need to complain, they would just
need to pay triple the price.

I feel the test companies are over all making reasonable efforts, given
consideration of a lot of factors involved.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Results waiting period

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> Maybe so David but I'm still waiting for a response from EA on the
> conversion issue and it has been Months with no results or response
> to the Calibration issue on 2 markers.

OK, lets explore the meaning of "long awaited". Does "less than
> one month" constitute some sort of excessive wait period? Perhaps a
> survey
> could be taken as to the average wait time for SNP results for company X
> and
> company Y.

Actually today is more than a month from my acknowledged order, and my ydna
was already on stock. Pointing out that company B has longer waits achieves

no traction with me. I can very well be generally angry at them all, which
indeed is the case.

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