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From: "John Megonnigil" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Results waiting period.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 17:42:34 -0800
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I'll take this as being directed at me. I think I have waited (10 months
and still counting). It has been 6 months since
I received my notice of the STR18 results and of there being 2 markers that
were still uncalibrated. That is the last I have
heard on the matter except for these explanations or similar ones. I simply
do not understand why EA can't or won't just simply
say what the problem is. If they are holding off calibrating because they
are waiting for more samples to do a batch run they should
say so. If results are NOT obtainable they should say that and we can come
to some arrangements. It's just not reasonable to take
the customers money, not produce a product and refuse to say anything. And
if I say anything I'm unreasonable, I don't understand
what you go through, I have no awarnness, I'm a complainer and so on. If
you offer a product I expect you to deliver the product. It
is not my problem that you have money worries (we all do). I don't
understand how you think that its my fault that your having problems.
If I take my car in to be worked on I'm told what the work costs. If
something goes wrong and the work is not completed they don't
just keep the money and say sorry, they get paid for what they did. But in
EA's case I see that its we had problems that we are not
going to tell you about and if you don't understand that SO BE IT. So be
it? I am only one voice (but I'll bet I'm not alone in my thinking)
and if I feel like I've been wronged I'm going to say something about it.
So be it.

John is also correct about batching. The difference between red ink and
black ink may be in having sufficient numbers on the plate. When the lab
does a run there are only 3 of a particular product or 3 extractions the
prices go up astronomically. The solution is to wait until the there are 10
or 100, but if that is the case some people have to wait longer than they
think is reasonable. So the company runs the test early to keep wait times
down only to find that one of four markers failed each reaction. And so on.
Some people understand and some don't. It is always refreshing when someone
has an awareness of what companies do in trying to walk a very thin line. I
know, some are hearing violins. So be it - I hope it is a Mozart concerto
in E flat minor.

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