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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Aryan, Arian, Arianism....
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 07:44:23 -0800 (PST)
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Aaron & List:

Can someone tell me how this ridiculous discussion
even made it onto the list?

Everyone knows the association between Nazis and the
concept of Aryan racial supremacy. We all know our
history. As genetic genealogists and (hopefully) as
human beings, we know that such a concept is utter
hogwash and led to the death of millions of people. I
don't think there was any confusion on the list about
Aryan supremacy as the Nazis put forth the idea and an
early Christian religious tradition that is spelled in
a similar manner. I don't recall anyone even asking
the question.

The issue that was being explored here was whether
geneticists had successfully linked the migrations of
the Indo-Aryans (a linguistic group) with the origins
and migrations of a genetic group, specifically R1a.
Talk about a discussion that departed radically and
unnecessarily from it's beginnings!

Sasson, perhaps a helpful dose of sensitivity that you
appear to be lacking would greatly assist in this
discussion. The "Aryan race" was explored as a
"hypothetical possibility"? Yes, your completly
correct. And it's exploration lead to the death of
millions and Jews and "undesireables." Thus, I don't
believe your statement contributes any relevant
information to the discussion and unnecessarily
inflames sensitivities. We are discussing the issue
of R1a=Indo-Aryans (a linguistic grouping of peoples),
not the question of the Nazis idea of racial "Aryan"
supremacy or how it was "considered" by them.

And, Aaron, I'd appreciate it if you'd desist from
accusing me of "political correctness," simply because
I'm uncomfortable with how the discussion veared from
a discussion about the movements of particular
haplogroup into statements about an "Aryan race" and
how it was "considered" as a "hypothetical
possibility." No one was talking about the concept of
Aryan racial supremacy until you posted about it. And
since the concept isn't "real" except in the minds of
dead Nazis and their contemporary counterparts, why
was more time on it?

I suggest we return to the relevant discussion, which
it whether there is sufficient genetic evidence to
link the origins and migrations of particular
haplogroup (R1a) to the movement of a particular
linguistic entity (Indo-Aryans).

Ellen Coffman

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