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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 20:01:55 -0800 (PST)
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The around 3000 BCE a split occurred among the
European nomads which cut deep into the cultural
fiber. They broke into basically two groups: those
who remained in the European region - Greeks, Romans,
Celts; and those who moved into the areas of Persia
and Afghanistan - Aryans.

They developed nearly mirror images of each other's
religious concepts and their languages morphed into
distinctive subsets.

The Aryans were the first to reach India, where they
took control of the northern region. The Europeans
arrived much later during Alexander's conquest.
Archaeology supports that under the influence of
Hellenism and international trade, Greco-Roman culture
and ideas (& DNA) spread over the coastal regions of
India, Arabia, and the Silk-road to China.

The term Iranian is a modern spelling for Aryan. It
was first used by the elder Shah (a friend of Hitler)
who named his country Iran in the 1920's.

Therefore, when we say Indo-European and Indo-Iranian,
we are referring to these two splinter groups and
their presents in India.

Now, the question is - Before the split, were these
early nomads of only one Haplogroup? Could the E, R
and I Haplogroups have already intermingles before
3000 BCE?

Cheryl Simani

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