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From: "Robert Stubbs" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] S21 in Romania
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 23:02:01 -0600
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As a collector of S21+ haplotypes, I was happy to see another S21+ who is
also DYS492=13. This is shown at Ysearch for CRTJ5, Draghici.

I assume the value of DYS492=12 (shown for CRTJ5, Draghici, at Scott's
extended R1b haplotype) is a typo? It is reassuring that S21+ is still
maintaining a link to DYS492=13 in Eastern Europe as well.

Robert Stubbs

Ron Scott's R1b-R2 shows
On 12/20/06, David Faux <> wrote:
> List:
> I just received an e-mail from one of our Romanian customers who tested
> S21+. He asked that I post this for all to see as he believed (as do I)
> that there are some significant issues that are being shown here. We now
> know that S21 reached much further east that we have see to date. This
> comes from having more participants from Central and Eastern Europe test for
> these markers and we are going to see a very interesting spread of S21 and
> S28 across the face of Europe. Here is Dan's posting:
> "I just got back my S test results from EA. I am S21+ therefore R1b1c9*
> (S26-, S28-, S29-). On I am CRTJ5.
> Patrilineal ancestor: Marin Draghici, born about 1810-1820 in SW
> Romania.
> I thought my result would be interesting since:
> 1) not many people in Eastern Europe have S21+ (in spite of few being
> tested)
> 2) out of 262 tested people with roots in Romania I have no matches, not
> even at 12-marker with 4-step mutations.
> 3) I have a 25 marker match with a 2-step mutation with a person with
> British-roots (>97% match probability within 24 generations).
> Cheers,
> Dan Draghici"
> David.
> Dr. David K.W. Faux
> President
> Ethnoancestry USA, Inc.
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