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From: "Ricardo Costa de Oliveira" <>
Subject: [DNA] Iberomaurusian Y-DNA Haplogroup J ?
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 13:34:06 -0200

A Hypothesis

Iberomaurusian (or Iberomarusian) was a late Paleolithic culture present in the Iberian Peninsula and Mahgreb, North Africa from 20.000 to 7.500 BC (Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi, and Piazza 1994).They were considered Cro-Magnon and Caucasoid types. Old archaelogical evidences of connections between the Levante and Mahgreb-Iberian spaces can be found in many others items, like blades and snails ! So the movement was from east to west, from North Africa to Iberia (not like Ferembach, 1985).

Who were the Iberomaurusian ?
A possible mix of Y-DNAs E3b and J1 ?

Iberomaurusian Js have splitted about 20.000-10.000 years ago from the Middle East ones.
So old Iberian J will not have any close matches with Middle East Js of Arab or Jewish origin, because they were separated a long time ago. Iberomaurusian Js will match at 12 markers only distantly at four steps with few cases in the Middle East.
Iberomaurusian Paleolithic Js will not have also the Arab marker DYS388=17. As it's not a frequent haplotype it can confuse predictors and show in the Y-DNA search rare similarities with others old Js sprinkled in Western Europe and present distant genetic matches with I and G haplogroups in some cases.

The possible mt-DNA of Iberomaurusian women would include U6.

As always more studies and data are needed !
Opinions please ?

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira

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