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Subject: Re: [DNA] a new member links to Sligo Ireland
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 09:56:56 -0800 (PST)
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I believe that the assumption of mutation rates is wrong. Is there a family anywhere that has had a large portion of known close relatives tested? I would like to see the results for a family that has starting with one individual his brother, cousin, 2 second cousins, 3 third cousins, 4 fourth cousins, 5 fifth cousins, 6 six cousins and so forth until the tenth generation. I'm willing to be that the mutation rates are much MUCH higher than what is often assumed.

I have a third cousin with whom I have two mismatches out of 37 markers one off on each marker, and another (his half-brother), with whom I have three mismatches, also one off on each marker. If that rate holds true with a sixth cousin I could find 6 mismatches.


robert mclaren <> wrote:

Since you and the other Cryan have six different markers out of 37, I would
say that your are not related in a genealogically meaningful timeframe.
However, if you are interested in investigating this further, I would
locate some distant relatives to test. Who is your furthest back Cryan
ancestor? Did he have any other sons than the one your descend from. If
so, locate a straight line male descendant of two different sons and get
them to do the DNA test. And as you found out, they will need to go to 37
markers. If you can do this, this will enable you to calculate the DNA
signaturre of that furthest back ancestor. Have the other Cryan do the
same thing. Now you can compare the two ancestors without any intervening
mutations between tham and you two. If you find that the ancestral
haplotypes are closer, than I would leave open the possibility of a closer

Good luck.

Yours aye,

Bob McLaren
Chairman, Genealogy Committee, Clan MacLaren Society of North America
Administrator, Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project
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> From: Patrick Cryans

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> Date: 12/24/2006 10:02:18 AM
> Subject: [DNA] a new member links to Sligo Ireland
> Hi All,
> Can anyone help with some advice as I am very new to the research on
> genealogy/DNA.
> My family originates from a small county in Ireland named Sligo,having a
> very rare surname also CRYAN
> .My research over a 25 year period has located another Cryan in Sligo who
> has a distinct likeness physically and in his mannerisms to my late
> We both carried out a 25 marker test with Family Tree DNA and we were 3
> markers out one each at 390-391-458 then we tested for 12 extra
> were now another 6 out,one each at gata H4-607-576-570-CDYa-CDYb-
> Would I be stating the obvious when I say we are not related in any way?
> is amazing that if this is the case for someone so much alike with the
> unusual name in the same location.
> The paper trail only goes back to 1840 time like many in Ireland,any help
> views would be most helpful.
> Patrick

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